From Architecture...

I started studying Architecture because I was always fascinated by making things. I learned to see the opportunities of design, along with everything about form, composition, construction and materials. I experienced studying Architecture as aesthetically driven and I loved it. However, I did miss something: the interaction side to designing.

... to Industrial Design...

So I switched to Industrial Design Engineering for Design for Interaction. Here I complemented my skills with everything about user-research and user centred design, but I also discovered how awesome it is to design products that appear alive because of embedded electronics and just a few lines of code.

to developing apps

Now that I am graduated I put my skills as a designer to use at Noodlewerk, a small Dutch app development company. This job allows me to explore and learn about coding, while creating digital designs that focus on the experiences of its users.

My Skills

Through my diverse journey I became a multi-disciplinary designer with a large variety of skills,
such as:

  • User centred-Design
  • Prototyping/ Modeling
  • Code
  • Graphic Design
  • Master
  • Expert
  • Proficient
  • Familiar
  • Beginner


Feed Me

Tracking nutrition, sleep, diapers and medicine use of your newborn.


3D-printed headphone enbodiment.


A smart house that cares for you.


Making digital data tangible.

From Hats To Heels

Personal branding by creating a website


A robot that is just gloomy, nothing more...

Ode to Dieter Rams

a DIY Bluetooth speaker.


1 design, 2 chairs.