A bit about me

From Architecture...

When studying Architecture, I learned to see the opportunities of design, along with everything about form, composition, construction and materials.

... to Industrial Design...

At Industrial Design I complemented my skills with everything about user-research and user centred design and I learned to let my ideas come to live with embedded electronics and just a few lines of code.

... to designing digital experiences

And now I explore where the physical world meets the digital world by making electronic prototypes, 3D models, designing apps, digital courses and websites that focus on the experiences of users.

What I can do

  • user centred-design
  • prototyping/ modeling
  • code
  • graphic design
  • master

  • expert

  • proficient

  • familiar

  • beginner


What I've been up to

Feed Me

Tracking nutrition, sleep, diapers and medicine use of your newborn.

3D printed headphones

a new embodiment for salvaged electronics.


A smart house that cares for you.

200th anniversary of the Dutch government

Applications for iPads in an interactive exposition.


Making digital data tangible.


A robot that is just gloomy, nothing more...

Ode to Dieter Rams

a DIY Bluetooth speaker.


1 design, 2 chairs.