A bit about me

From Architecture...

When studying Architecture, I learned to see the opportunities of design, along with everything about form, composition, construction and materials.

... to Industrial Design...

At Industrial Design I complemented my skills with everything about user-research and user centred design and I learned to let my ideas come to live with embedded electronics and just a few lines of code.

... to designing digital experiences

And now I explore where the physical world meets the digital world by making electronic prototypes, 3D models, designing apps, digital courses and websites that focus on the experiences of users.

What I can do

  • user centred-design
  • prototyping/ modeling
  • code
  • graphic design
  • master

  • expert

  • proficient

  • familiar

  • beginner


What I've been up to

Feed Me

Tracking nutrition, sleep, diapers and medicine use of your newborn.

3D printed headphones

a new embodiment for salvaged electronics.


A smart house that cares for you.

200th anniversary of the Dutch government

Applications for iPads in an interactive exposition.


Making digital data tangible.

From Hats To Heels

Personal branding by creating a website


A robot that is just gloomy, nothing more...

Ode to Dieter Rams

a DIY Bluetooth speaker.


1 design, 2 chairs.