Ode to Dieter Rams

a DIY Bluetooth speaker.


Dieter Rams





Design concept

A practical bluetooth speaker in the minimalistic and timeless style of renowned product designer Dieter Rams.

How this project came about

Before I could start the Design for Interaction Master program, I followed a transition program for half a year to supplement my background in Architecture with all I needed to know from the Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor. I learned a lot in those six months, but there were two courses that really held my attention: Electronics and Design Experience.

One of the assignments in Design Experience was to analyze an ‘old’ master of design for which I chose Dieter Rams. Rams’ work has a certain timelessness because of his ability to create purity with minimalism, which has been an inspiration to me in every aspect of design and art. I believe Rams was spot-on, especially with his audio devices. This assignment, combined with my newly acquired love for tinkering with electronics thanks to the Electronics course, were catalysts in the creation of this project. I had a 4:1-audioset lying around with high quality speakers and visible wires sticking out which I was eager to transform into something else.

My goal: transform the audioset I already had into an awesome and practical bluetooth speaker.

The course Electronics taught me how I could do this technically and, for symbolic reasons, I decided I would dedicate this project to Dieter Rams’ RT 20 by combining what I already knew from Architecture (working with wood) with what I’ve learned at Industrial Design.

This project started out as a fun side project, but ended up as a product that I happily use everyday.

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