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'Ode to Dieter Rams' is a practical bluetooth speaker in the minimalistic and timeless style of renowned product designer Dieter Rams. This bluetooth speaker is the result wanting to transform a 4:1-audioset I already had into an awesome and practical bluetooth speaker.

How this project came about

Before I could start the Design for Interaction Master program, I followed a transition program for half a year to supplement my background in Architecture with all I needed to know from the Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor. I learned a lot in those six months, but there were two courses that really held my attention: Electronics and Design Experience.

One of the assignments in Design Experience was to analyze an ‘old’ master of design for which I chose Dieter Rams. Rams’ work has a certain timelessness because of his ability to create purity with minimalism, which has been an inspiration to me in every aspect of design and art. I believe Rams was spot-on, especially with his audio devices.

Things coming together

This assignment, combined with my newly acquired love for tinkering with electronics thanks to the Electronics course, were catalysts in the creation of this project. The course Electronics taught me how I could do this technically and, for symbolic reasons, I decided I would dedicate this project to Dieter Rams’ RT 20 by combining what I already knew from Architecture (working with wood) with what I’ve learned at Industrial Design.

This project started out as a fun side project, but ended up as a product that I happily use everyday.

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