3D-printed headphones





reuse of parts

After the headband of my headphones broke, I designed and built a new pair by combining the electronic parts from my broken headphones with new parts made on the small 3D-printer I have at home.

Salvaging what's still usable

Because only the headband broke I decided to disassemble the headphones to collect the parts that were still usable. The parts I retrieved were:

  • Ear pads
  • Speaker assembly
  • The spring of the headband
  • The wires
The parts I've salvaged from my broken headphones

Challenge of the redesign

Being determined to use my own 3D-printer gave me some challenges to overcome. The biggest challenge was to design the parts in a way that they were both functional and printable.

For example: the build area of my 3D-printer is quite small, meaning that I had to construct the headband of the headphones from several parts. In the end this was actually beneficial, as I came up with a modular design and a way to have the needed flexibility in the headband.

The 3D-printed parts
Close-up of the headphones showing how the wiring makes up for an interesting detail.
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