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Gloombot is an eerie looking robot. It is a castaway from society with no purpose left, so it prefers solitude above anything.Gloombot is the answer to the question:

How does a robot act when it is gloomy?

Gloombot is the result of the course Integrated technology Design. The aim of this course is to create an experienceable interaction in a process with a lot of fast iterations with a 'making first'-approach. During this course I worked in a team of five people. Each team member had a specific role and I fullfilled the role of the engineer. It was my duty to focus on the mechanics and electronics of our prototypes.

Starting with a concept

At the beginning of this project we discovered what should be the essence of our concept by tinkering low-tech prototypes. And we developed a clear vision on what this should look like by creating mock-ups of the robot's responses to interacting with people.

One of the core features of the robot should be that it moves away from social contact.

Our end-goal

We created the envisioned embodiment and behaviour as a stand-alone responsive prototype. Making use of an Arduino board, the robot was programmed to use distance-sensors to scan its surroundings, a servo motor to look around and a steppermotor to move backward or forward.


To finish it all off, we also created a small backstory and ambiance for the robot to live in. This ambiance was experienceable during the final exhibition of this project.

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