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On behalf of:

Privacy Company

For Privacy Company I built the foundation of their new privacy awareness e-learning service and I realised an initial version of a digital course that teaches the basics of the GDPR, privacy and how to work with personal data.

Data protection laws and regulations are seen as complex, which makes privacy and GDPR compliance a heavy subject in the corporate world. To make sure procedures in an organisation comply to the GDPR, every single employee within the organisation who works with personal data needs to have a solid foundational understanding of privacy and data protection regulation.

The Privacy Awareness E-learning tackles this problem by offering a quick, accessible, interactive and fun way for employees to become acquainted with privacy do’s and don’ts.

Iconic visuals

Because law can be daunting for a layman, it is extra important to explain it in an appealing and memorable way. Therefore I introduced iconic graphics for the characters and objects they interact with, together with a snappy animation style, to be used throughout the entire course.

The right format for digital learning

As I already knew from previous experience following digital courses can be tedious. With that in mind I composed the course out of different types of ‘bite sized’ bits of content for the student to complete one at the time, only taking a couple of minutes to do so. Such as:

  • animation videos
  • infographics
  • practice quizzes

Based on the knowledge of the experts

To create the content of the initial course I worked together with my colleagues at Privacy Company. I translated their knowledge about privacy law into material suitable for digital learning, using the building blocks I designed.

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