1 design, 2 chairs.



House of the Future

Furniture design

Design concept

The 1-2-Chair is a playful answer to the problems of a small living space. It is a chair that is suitable for the dining room table, that can also be transformed into a lounge chair. Taking the chair apart to assemble it into its counter configuration is not only easy to do, but also fun. It is an original statement piece for the creative and sustainable person.

Aim of the assignment

This design was created as the end result for the ‘House of the Future’ minor at the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. The minor was targeted at the study of spatial and formal concepts of dwelling design in the context of changing cultural, societal, ecological and technological conditions. The emphasis lied on conducting free form studies in order to find desirable combinations of aesthetics and ergonomics. Students were encouraged to apply and further develop their own personal style through creating mock-ups and models.

How it works

The 1-2-Chair is made from only four parts which are milled from one sheet of multiplex. By removing the two cotter pins in the back the chair can easily be transformed from a dining chair to the a lounge chair and vice versa. Because the chair is made out of four flat pieces of wood it is also easy to store and transport the chair once it is deconstructed.

A funny detail: the letters in the back are not only an eyecatcher, they serve a constructional purpose as well. The ‘H’ supports the seat of the chair and the dashes in between the text are the cotter pins.

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1 design, 2 chairs.